We would like to thank…Allison Tanenhaus!

Allison Tanenhaus is a Boston-based digital glitch artist who specializes in abstract geometrics, vibrant color fields, and unexpected dimensional qualities. Her recent show “GlitchKraft” at Emerson Contemporary featured a number of local audio and video synthesizer artists, including Christopher Konopka, Lauren Klotzman, Robin Amos, Blaik Ripton, Property Materials, Doug Bielmeier, and Anda Volley.

We are very pleased to have Allison providing iconography and imagery for the festival!


One of the things people like about the synthfest is how much it lets us indulge our Gear Acquisition Syndrome – woohoo! New toys! Here is the list (so far) of the businesses you can expect to be demoing and displaying their goods at the festival!


Circuit Happy

Circuit Happy makes noisey, blinky things for you!

It was founded in 2017 by Ed Guild as a way to both create new electronic hardware and to design and build custom electronics installations.

We’re happy to have Circuit happy running the Jam Room and providing most excellent synchronization tools and utilities to get you linked into the other jammers and make your own blinky noises!


Stompbox Sonic

These folks provide musicians with an extensive tonal palette for auditory exploration.

STOMPBOX SONIC specializes in effects pedals (aka “stompboxes”) built by companies large and small, locally crafted or collected from around the world! Their goal is to ignite the creative spark and help you navigate all the switches and blinking lights to bring your music to life!


Real Fake Knobs

We can never have too many knobs. We’re synthesizer folks for goodness sakes! Well, the gang over at Real Fake Knobs wants to facilitate the knobification of any surface you can think of!

Real knobs, real magnets, no effect on anything. Tired of real knobs always changing things? Try Real Fake Knobs! Guaranteed not to change anything. Real Fake Knobs instantly “install” themselves to any magnetically reactive surface, such as your refrigerator, tea kettle, desk lamp, washing machine, motorcycle, box fan, lockbox, mixing board, mini-fridge, dashboard, uncle who is actually a robot…

…you get the picture! Stop by and say hello!