We are synthesizer people.



We’ll be sure to let you know when we find the right dates for the rescheduled festival!

Third in a series of semi-annual events brought to you by Boston Modular and Analog Heaven New England. The New England Synthesizer Festival includes live performances, lectures, vendors, collaboration-space (midi-sync / CV-clock provided,) quadraphonic demo space and a “petting zoo” where you can explore the electronics that make the music.

What to expect.

That’s a whole lotta’ synthesizer content!

  • Rooms full of synths for you to check out.
  • People who are interested in talking about synths.
  • Vendors of synth modules showing their wares.
  • Presentations about various synth topics.
  • Performances from local artists.
  • Free Admission!

How to participate.

Presenters, Performers, Artists,  & Businesses

There are several different ways to share your knowledge, projects, performances and products with people at the festival!

Performers & Artists

  • We have a space and schedule for individuals or groups wanting to share their synthesizer-based performance. 
  • We have rooms with tables and audio/video for artists that want to do a temporary “installation piece” artwork.

Instructors / Educators

  • We have a lecture and demonstration series with short presentations and yours are welcome!

Exhibitors / Dealers / Hobbyists

  • We have an exhibition space (and petting zoo) for both hobbyists and companies who want to set up a table to show off their personal synths, their professional wares, or anything else.

Reach out and let us know about you!

Please contact us ASAP to reserve your space!

Synthesizer Spectators & Enthusiast!

Follow these easy steps to have a blast at NESF 2020!

  1. Reserve your tickets.
  2. Figure out your transportation.
  3. Bring your headphones if you really want to get into the local synthesizer flora and hear the synths as they were meant to be heard!
  4. Try everything!
  5. Have fun!


(Do keep in mind that we have a Code of Conduct.)